Sunday, August 23, 2009

Belated blog: It started with a cherry tomato

Wouldn't you know, the thing that would get me blogging again after over a month would be breaking the Sabbath! I went out to the greenhouse to eat some cherry tomatoes, and quite frankly because Lizzie had said that my greenhouse was beautiful (no one says that but me in the condition it is in). Quite an innocent thing, the Lord gathered food on the Sabbath. As I was picking and eating these beautiful cherry tomatoes, I noticed that the pepper plant that is dying for some reason is really dying. So I decide I better pick them all. Well to do this if you have never picked peppers, it is easier to do with some pruning shears. Can you tell where this is going. Well, I am done with my peppers and I can't help but notice that the other peppers are all inundated with overgrown lettuce, volunteer parsley, and a marigold. I couldn't let those pepper plants die also could I? Pepper plants in the greenhouse don't like to be crowded. I don't think that would be wise, so I proceed to pull out all the offending plants. I then think well I maybe should prune a few tomato vines that are really getting out of hand. Now this is the way my greenhouse looks right now! Do you really think a few vines is all that is needed???!!!! Well I start in on a few, then I start pulling away some leaves that have died from a cabbage plant. And what do I find but the most amazing display of composting at its finest! Underneath the leaves was some of the most beautiful dark black fine soil you have seen in a long time. I was shocked and amazed. It was truly beautiful. I had to run into the house grab my camera and document this. I am sure that this is not so fascinating to all of you, but to me it was one of the more joyful experiences I have had in a while!! As Steve pointed out, the top pic the soil is damp and the bottom section of the garden was dry, but, if you look at it closely you can see that there are less big pieces and more finer soil in the top pic. I was reminded of how much I love my greenhouse and how it needs to be one of my daily haunts. (it isn't right now) The pic below is my Sabbath breaking pile of pruning! I then quit breaking the sabbath, and then just harvested some more food for dinner.

By the way we finished the tuna canning, we ended up with more jars filled than last year and about as many tuna steaks in the freezer. Steve still wants to go out, but I told him if he does, he has to give it all away, because my canner is clean and put away, and the freezer says NO MORE TUNA!!!!!

I love you all!