Tuesday, July 23, 2013

6 days late!!

Well my goal at RS was to blog once a week!!  Shame on me, I am 6 days late.  I don't really have time today, but I have wasted two days already this week, so why not do something useful!  I have been watching Lost for the last week or so!  I love it but I can't stop watching it once I start, I feel like an addict!

The last two weeks besides too much TV have also been very productive for at least 3-4 of those days.  That makes me feel better!  I cleaned and organized the garage and Steve's tool closet! Plus I cleaned and organized the attic!

I know kind of boring, but a huge deal for me.  My next move is the sewing room.  Today I am getting a slow start.  I don't feel too good.  I am soooo tired of this sinus thing.  It is not bad, just annoying and I want it to go away.  I know it makes me tired.  
I had a bunch of other uplifting things I wanted to share, but I'm hungry and need to get on with my day

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Relief Society and Pics of Megans Visit

I love Relief Society, I always have.  Last night was our night time activity.  It was all about journals. She talked about all the different ways we could Journal.  Also they talked about the importance of talking about the things of the world, what we eat, our lives, family, Spiritual expediences, just about anything you can think of. One of the ideas of course was blogs.  I thought about how I love blogging and I love reading them.  I have gotten out of the habit and I realized again it is important.  Of course you could just keep a private journal, but blogging it seems to me brings a broader view like the suggestions of what should be included in a journal.  I will always have a personal journal, but again was reminded for me the importance of the blog, because it includes pics, recipes, more everyday things.  I don't include those kind of things generally in my personal journal.  I was reminded of what I have been thinking about lately, having had way too much time to think in the last month and a half, how our society has tried to find easier and shorter ways to communicate.  That can be a good thing, but if we are not careful we won't be communicating.  Before Cell phones and especially texting and facebooking, people talked on the phone more, or got together more.  Today we seem to try to find ways to get around a phone call or visit.  We tend to think we are too busy, but yet we seem to find time to watch movies or TV.  I am grateful for all the technology, but I think it is important to not get in such a hurry to get done with people that we don't communicate at all.  So the long and the short of it, the speaker asked us to make a small goal to journal in some way.  My small goal it to blog at least once a week.  I am so far behind that it inhibits me from blogging.  But no more!  So you might see random older pics and that is okay too.  Plus I feel like it keeps us all in touch and we feel more a part of each others lives.  I am glad Megan discovered face time, I have wanted us to do that more as a family, her world is forcing us into it.  I'm glad.   I'm going to include some pics of when Megan and Jakes family were here. Love you All!
 doesn't she look like she is on the runway!

Not the best pic, but it shows my mom and dad

 And the usual tea party, it was Scarlets first.  She was amazing for her age in the decorating department!


 Wow, Ruby old enough to pour the tea!  Have to admit, its hard to see people growing up!

 Will post the beach another day!