Monday, March 12, 2012

On the go February!

At the beginning of February I went see Rebecca,Steve and the girls. It was so much fun! The first day we basically hung out and ate Rebecca's yummy 100% whole wheat bread. Ate delicious dinner and enjoyed one another's company. The next day I got to help with Gracies school. Rebecca has created an amazing school for the girls. She has managed to find some very creative informative DVD's for Science. She has them on a schedule and they get a lot done in a short period of time. It has taught the girls to be self motivated and independent learners. Not that Rebecca isn't hands on and helping them, she definitely is, it is very good blend of the two. Then Gracie and I played cards while the girls finished their schooling. Then we all got to go to Wish. A home schooling opportunity to learn some things with others, some very academic, others more artistic. I got to help Rebecca with her co-teachers help Anna's class learn to cook. After school at wish there was a talent show.Aliese and Anna sang a duet.Enjoy! Their dresses were old prom dresses of Rebecca's. Aliese also was the emcee for a couple of numbers. She was exceptionally good. I wish I would have taped her. You would have thought she had done it for years. She cracked some good jokes, not the kind you prepare ahead of time, the kind you have to do on the spot because the next number wasn't ready. We came home after that and watched a couple of episodes of Little House, then went to bed. The next day we did school, played lots of cards, then walked to Rite aid to get some Ice Cream cones. We saw Cadbury mini eggs and had to get some for the movie the next day we were going to see. They didn't make it to the next day! We ate them. Next day was school, PE (that was entertaining!) Rebecca is the teacher for her girls and a few other families. They meet at a park. Then we went to Beauty and the Beast in 3D. It was so wonderful. Oh and of course before we went to the movie we had to go back to Rite aid and buy some more cadbury mini eggs! They live about 3 blocks at the most from Michels, so we walked there to get some supplies for a Valentines party for Saturday with all the SoCal kids. :-) Friday was Disneyland! Oh..... I will never grow up when it comes to Disneyland. It was so much fun. Since they have yearly passes it was pretty relaxing. We were celebrating Alieses b-day sort of so we went on all of her favorite rides. At the end of the day we went to a water show that had me in awe, goose bumps and ended in tears. It was great! Saturday as I said all the So Cal girls and kids came and we had a Valentines party. Alies made yummy Chocolate covered strawberries made to look like roses. It was so fun to see everyone. Next day was church, my last full day. Then off to home. It was a great week! A few days later Steve and I went to Megan and Gregs. That was fun. Scarlet warmed up to us really quickly. She snuggled with us and kissed us and loved playing with us. We ate good food, watched Far and Away, ate at the Road House Grill, and just enjoyed being together. I took these videos of Steve and Scarlet it was pretty funny. We had to do it without Scarlet knowing or she will come towards the camera. I will be posting pics another day.
 After we got back about a week later Miles and Ruby came. We had a ball as usual. Played on the beach, made cupcakes, went to the aquarium, watched movies, played cards (can you tell what I like to do with kids?!) Went to church, made waffles, pancakes, and a little sewing. I have pics to post later of all the trips. It was really cold while they were here, but you couldn't tell by the way they acted. There are a lot of videos, but I couldn't choose! So enjoy!

 Well, hope you enjoyed these, love you all!!