Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Good tools

About 30 years ago give a year or two either way, Steve gave me some money for Mother's day. I decided to go buy kitchen stuff. I paid about 8 dollars or so for the above whisk. It has been faithful and wonderful tool all those years. It died 2 days ago. Over time I realized the importance of buying good tools if you want them to last. I decided it was worth it to save up or spend my whole gift money on good tools for the kitchen , garden, sewing or etc. If it wasn't important I would buy cheap things but if it was something I was going to use a lot or use for many years I would buy only the good quality. It has served me well.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Baby Scarlet!

I had the great privilege of helping Megan during the first week of little Scarlets life. She is so sweet, smiles all the time, and is very easy to comfort. I was there until she was 9 days old and I never heard her cry more than a few minutes. I hope she stays that way! Here she is a few hours old! With Auntie Amy, with GrandmaMore at the hospital Then as the week went on it was hard not to snap a few.Last day I was there, we took some pics in a dress. She wasn't too excited to be unwrapped. She is a typical baby, loves to be swaddled. Isn't Megan beautiful!!I had to have a pic with her, but she was done as you can see below!
What an incredible experience it is to be a mom! I am so grateful I have the health and the privilege to help my daughter and be with that little celestial being.
Love you all!