Friday, March 19, 2010

Thoughts, New TV

I laid in bed last night and wrote the coolest blogs in my head, I couldn't sleep. Now I'm up and I don't remember them all.

First I decided the way to get people to read your blog is to put the word Secret in your title. I got more comments on that blog than any I have ever written. Pretty funny.

Big news we are now on the cutting edge of technology. We have a 55" HD LED LCD TV with Apps that can connect to our wireless Internet. It is very cool, we can download Netflix right on our TV w/o doing anything but clicking the buttons on our remote. I have to say it is the most amazing picture I have ever seen, and I have it hooked up as the least desirable way to hook it up.

Well, I had decided I couldn't keep watching 3 episodes of Grey's Anatomy every day, so I deleted Greys from my DVR Schedule. I was feeling really good about it. Yesterday I went to the greenhouse and worked there for a few hours so didn't miss them too much. Although they were in my head way too much. Today I was telling myself to be strong, because I was going to be home all day. I have sooooo much to do. I also had decided that I can't eat treats except on Friday night and Sunday, and it has to be measured and accounted for. Needless to say since I have been eating way more cadbury mini eggs than I will admit too, I was craving sugar and chocolate something fierce. It finally got to me and I sat down with some popcorn and fruit, (totally a good choice in my mind) and thought I would watch TV for the time it took me to eat my snack. It is the time that Greys is on, but I thought I have missed 4 episodes now so I told myself not to watch it. Well, I click on the guide and what do I see?!! I had dvr'd Greys upstairs and forgotten that I had done that. I always watched it downstairs. Between not eating chocolate and not having watched any Greys for almost 48 hours, Greys won. I watched 6 EPISODES, poor Steve had to make his own dinner. Instead of beating up on myself, I decided to tell myself I chose the lesser of two evils, for the treats would have caused me to gain weight, and I can't gain any more weight!!! I'm pitiful! Oh well, there are worse things.

Yesterday we started on our elevator remodel!!! It is turning out so much better than we thought it would. Plus they took out our dumbwaiter, put a floor in it and I can bring up my extra fridge from the shop and put it in my pantry!!! How cool is that! It will take about two months before it is all done, but it will be great when it is.

We have had great sunny weather, so I took a walk today, it was great!!! I discovered that this is a sand dollar beach down closer to the jetty. I am going to research when they are dead, because I could have picked up some pretty cool looking ones, but I was worried that they weren't dead yet. I found some cool shells also.

Well, I know there was cooler things I wanted to say, but alas, I can't remember them.

Love you all!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Secrets and sick day without being sick

I have a habit of reading books my daughters like, movies they like, and TV shows they like. Some I have thought beneath me and so wouldn't begin to watch them. The first was Dirty Housewives as Steve calls it (desperate housewives) Amy watched it and liked it. I thought I would give it a try even though I swore I'd never watch it. I liked it, so much so I have watched all the episodes more than once. I was reminded, don't judge a book by its cover. A while back I was watching TV and flipping through channels. The Slutty Doctor show was on (Greys Anatomy) I thought, Danielle and Lizzie watch this, maybe I'll see what it's all about. I liked it, but still thought, this is beneath me. Time went on and I watched another episode (these were all old ones), I liked it. It happened again one day, finally I thought I would DVR them and watch them when I exercised or had nothing to do. Now I'm hooked, Steve will say, what are you watching, I'll say with a smile "the slutty doctor show", and he will smile. I now love it and can't wait till it comes on and I can watch it. It makes me feel warm and cozy, can that be bad? I decided I don't care!

Last night I had kind of a breakdown, and Steve said he would get all his own meals, answer the phone and do all the beach house business. It was like having a day in bed without being sick. It was great. All I did was get my own food, read a great book on Excuses, the scriptures, watch TV and sleep in until 10:00 am. It was great! I can't remember a day like this ever.

Love you all!

Monday, March 8, 2010


One of the neat things about moving is surprises. About a week or so ago, I woke up to find daffodils and these purple flowers. Fun! Below is the whole bed, and then the cute purple ones.About 3 weeks ago I planted some garlic in my greenhouse. Some of them were already sprouting so I planted them about 1" be above the soil. I went back the next week (I only go to the greenhouse once a week after Weight Watchers) and this is what I found. Cool huh! Here are some close ups. These are my herbs at least what is left of them since I pruned them. I need to probably keep them smaller so I don't have to do such a severe pruning job. It's just when the summer comes, everything just goes crazy. Well, love you all!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Home again, home again, jiggity jig!

Well, I have been meaning to blog for so long now. I have been home since the 16th of February. I had a great time at Lizzie's even though I got almost no sleep and was running most of the time. I played more games than I can count of "Go Fish" and Chutes and Ladders. We only played candyland a few times. We baked, chased each other, read books, walked to the store, and I am sure things I forgot. Elle was a dream, I hope she still is good for Lizzie.

I know I couldn't have done any of those things if I hadn't been in good shape. I am grateful a gillion years ago in high school that I ran "Cross Country" and became a believer in exercise. I am also grateful to the woman in Wyoming that gave me my first Nutrition book, and that we were poor students when we got married, so that I made everything from scratch. By the time we could afford boxed food, I was converted to scratch cooking. I am grateful for the Public Library, one of the good things our government spends money on. I started going to the library when Rebecca was a baby. I would put her in the stroller and off we would go for about two miles and I started on my road to craving knowledge. I have learned more things from the library than I can count. It was in Wyoming that I got my first gardening book from the library. Boy did that start something way bigger than I would have imagined back then! Anyway, all those things have contributed to my health, I am soooo grateful!

I came home and crashed.

Amy and Mike came out the following Monday and we had the joy of having them out here for a week. Amy and I mostly vegged for the first few days, and then she couldn't stand looking at my DVD's and we organized those. I am sooo grateful for that. Then I asked her to help me decorate my living room. It was so funny, you know those shows where they go around the house and grab things from other rooms and not "spend any money" and make a cool new decor? Well, that is what we did and voilahere are some close ups, the glass hurricanes have some of my shells I have found on the beach as well as some I have purchased. It was great fun! Then we moved on to start painting my family picture frames red! They look so cool with the pics, way cuter than we even imagined. But they aren't all here (I still need to order some). So sad to say can't blog those yet. Then I have been collecting sand dollars for years, I have always wanted to find a way to display them. I had these frames I bought years ago, (the TV show thing again :-) ) and they were laying on the floor and Amy said why don't we mount the sand dollars in those. The cool thing also is that the cardboard thing that holds the pics in turned out to be a great background, so we didn''t have to do anything but Velcro them on, that's right we Velcroed them with sticky Velcro. Cool huh? Some close-ups.
They hang in the living room by a wall just to the right of the fireplace. By the time we were done with all that (two days worth of decorating) we were pretty done in and Amy and Mike had to leave. I couldn't have done it without Amy. I kept saying to Polly that I needed Amy and then I would start getting things on the walls. THANK YOU AMY!!!!!

Well, the day is getting on, I need to get some more things done. One last thing, any Lost watchers, I am digging it!!!

Love you all!