Saturday, May 30, 2009

Steve and Jacob

I love candid shots. It is always fun to me to watch Fathers with their sons, Steve and Jake have so many mannerisms that are the same.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Miles is a kick in the pants! He is always happy. He is the kind of person that will probably not be able to stay mad at you. If you look at him and smile he busts out into a huge smile! He loves to eat, he ate about 6-8 pancakes, I am not kidding. When Jake woke up he said they didn't normally give him syrup-oops! So after that we had to put some peanut butter on some of them. He wasn't too wild about the beach, but he tolerated it when his dad was with him.I am soooooo grateful to be a grandma, and to have wonderful children that share their kids with me!!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Visit from the Arnolds!

Lyndsey needed some time out and time to do Art, so we got to have the remaining 3 Arnold's . Jake and Lyndsey stayed at the Newport Beach house for one night, then Lyndsey went home and Jake came down with us. The kids know us now so they were fine all by themselves here. Actually they are like all kids, better with us than their own parents. I don't know why that is, but it was true for my own kids with my parents.

We had a ball. We had our first tea party in the greenhouse! Yea my dream came true. We learned that I need to have traditional tea time, either at mid morning, or late afternoon. When the sun is high in the sky, it is toooooo bright in there. But we had a ball anyway.
Getting ready for the tea partyYes those are Ruby's toes and fingernails.
Then of course there's the baking
Ruby decorated these all by herself!I had to take a pic of one of these cookies close up, they were very detailed!Making the rest of the menu and putting it together!And the finished product, the party!
When we got done, Ruby said, "that was fun grandma, thank you". That's what makes a grandma's day! More to come!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Temple Workers!

Well, today we had an interview with one of the Temple Pres. members. He called us to be Temple workers! We are excited. Pres. Child (the Temple Pres. Counselor) was really funny. I don't know that he was trying to be but he was. Steve asked him if he was a salesman before he started working in the Temple. He laughed and said he was never a car salesman. He first told us that they liked people to serve once a week , then he said considering where we lived they could allow us to work 2 to 3 times a month. It was funny because then he started trying to convince us that we would really like to come every week. It was pretty funny to be me and watch Steve and him talk about it. Steve had lots of questions first and then said we would like to serve on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month. Pres. Child said with a great big grin on his face that would be great and that after we had served a while we would change it to once a week.

Steve will help with the one Spanish speaking session they have on Saturday, and the rest of the time if he is needed for Spanish they will use him, otherwise he will be like me and work all over the Temple. When you are set apart as an Ordinence worker you can do everything but sealings. They rotate you around all day doing different things. First they will train us and when we pass everything off we will be let loose.

Don't you love those shoes!!! Steve tried to remind me that we would be working all day, and I told him that they fit better than the others, and they were just too cute to pass up!! I am going to make my own dress. We get half price for our clothes, but I couldn't find a dress that I liked that fit comfortably.

Well, love you all!!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Pres Monson, Visiting teaching and funny phone call

I was kind of down today, and it was raining with mighty wind and the water was hitting the bank soooo walking was out of the question. So I went upstairs to do the elliptical and decided to watch part of Conference. I watched Pres Monsons talk from Sunday Morning session. I was thinking as he was talking, "this is our Prophet, this is what the Lord wants us to hear today." I know that is obvious, but it hit me hard this morning. I was greatly moved by the talk and wonder if that was why the weather was the way it was, I needed the talk.

I was going to go Visiting Teaching today so I thought "I will download Pres Monson's talk and share that." We were going to an inactive lady that we had never met. We came to her house about the same time her son came home from school. We didn't know him of course, but he knew we were coming I think and kind of hid around the corner. We couldn't see the address so guessed where she lived. We pounded on the door twice and no answer. I had some home made bread that I wasn't going to leave on the porch if it wasn't the right house. We went back downstairs and walked further down looking for an address, there was the boy trying to hide but not acting like it. We asked him if he knew the woman we were going to visit and he said it was his mom. That is when I realized he was hiding. We asked if she was home and he said she should be. So we followed him up the stairs to the apt. we had tried and he went in while we stayed on the porch. He came back with this look on his face like he was trying to look like he was telling the truth and said he guessed his mom wasn't home after all. I left my loaf of bread and told him to tell her that we came by. I felt bad for the boy.

Anyway EVERYONE aught to read that article. It was so good, he talked about not being fearful and being of good cheer no matter what the situation. I am so grateful for a prophet and that Heavenly Father loves us so much that he gave us a prophet so we will always know what Heavenly Father wants us to do and know

On a lighter note, we always call Amy during the commercials of American Idol or she calls us. Tonight about half way through, the commercial came on, the phone rang and Steve answered saying, "Hey dude what did you think?" He said it was silent, so he said "What, didn't you like it?" Then a girl said she was calling about our beach house. We both busted out laughing and profusely apologized for our mistake. Needless to say we waited until caller ID showed us who was calling from then on.

Well, I love you all am so grateful for you all!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Clean Sweep segment 1 and odds and ends

Well, I was going to post some pics of my greenhouse, but at the moment it is raining and the wind is gusting up to 60 mph! Crazy for this time of year. This morning it was dark and cloudy, but it was very serene and beautiful. I wore my sweatshirt the whole time, but it wasn't very cold. I am grateful for the beach. I am so glad I was reminded of walking when I was at Megs, and that I bought a pedometer. I have really enjoyed walking on the beach.

5 years and 8 months ago we moved to the coast. All of the stuff out of our 3 bathrooms got put in a very large box. When we moved here it got left in the garage and I would go out and get things as I needed them. Well, about two years later I cleaned the garage and ended up putting some of the stuff in paper bags and stuffing some of it under the cupboards and in the drawers. Both times we did an exchange I would take all the junk and put them in bags in the garage, because the bathrooms were so embarrassing. Well, those bags ended up in my closet when I cleaned the garage out this last year. I finally couldn't stand them any longer, or the cupboards. A few years back there was a show called clean sweep that I loved. I would watch it every chance I got. The clean sweep people would come and help people throw away, give away and put away their "precious belongings. So I thought I will play clean sweep with my bathrooms. Well... it is a lot harder to decide if you need something when you are by yourself. I got down to a point where after 3 days of looking at some stuff that I didn't know what to do with I finally loaded it up and put it in a basket for another day. I realized that after the people finished going through all their stuff, they would go to a nice hotel while the clean sweep team put away and organized all their stuff. I on the other hand had to sleep in my messy room. Oh well, I got most of it is done.

So I will post some of my bathroom cupboards. I was going to wait until I was done, but what the hay, why not some now. My bathroomHalf Bath
Upstairs drawer
Under Steve's sink in our bathroom
Upstairs bath
A long time ago, I bought this jewlery box and put feminine things in it.

Last but not least, I cleaned out the computer armoire before I went to Megans.Well, hope you all enjoyed this!