Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Steve and I try to read the scriptures together at breakfast every day. We miss some days but we try.  We always read one conference talk a week, usually on Monday.  I am always amazed at how it is just what I need.  The other day I saw one that I thought we should read, but I felt like I should let Steve choose.  He chose the one I had thought would be good.  It was one I really needed.  After we got done, I shared some concerns I had about somethings in my life with Steve and because of the talk. We had a really good discussion that I really needed.  We wouldn't have had that discussion if it weren't for that talk.

I have been pretty petty, about one of my coworkers, it was a problem.  Sunday at our Stake conference, I got the words I needed to hear!  I love that about the Lord, if you want to do what is right, and put yourself in a place to get the answers He will give them to you!

Hope you are all well!  Love you all!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Primary and Exercise

After reading everyone's comments on Primary I had to blog.

Primary is supposed to be Spiritual in a fun way!!!!  The handbook, "Teaching No Greater Call", and our sharing time outline talks about FUN!!! Sharing time should be spiritual, but active.  Singing time should be FUN!! and active!!!  Reverence is "showing respect and love for Heavenly Father, the Savior and others. Reverence is not about being QUIET!!!!  Children cannot be still.  Adults do not sit completely still in their meetings nor do they sit quietly the entire time.  In our primary, we have one "Cop", ME, that was a suggestion from our stake leaders.  I do not expect them to to be quiet and still at all times.  Part of singing time is learning new songs, but that should not be all of primary singnig time.  Do I bear my testimony and be serious, yes.  I feel bad if your primaries are overly serious, it is not church policy.  Now for Sunbeams and Elles age,  it is hard for them to focus on what is being said and to understand it for most of the meeting.  It's just the way it is.  You are trying to teach kids from 3-8 in that group.  Tough to keep everyone entertained.  Plus Maddie is used to playing most of the time.  We don't "play" in Primary.  I take my kids on a walk almost every week in the 10 minute break.  I feel badly if your primaries are too serious.  But also remember kids want to be entertained, and church is not about being entertained.  Well enough of that!

This has been an interesting year.  I turned 58 and I felt a change in how much energy I had.  It was very depressing to me.  Then when I got hired back on to WW's, I was very motivated to get back to goal.  Sooo I started weight resistance DVD's and walking every day no matter what.  I was amazed at how my energy came back.  I was also amazed at my strength.  Now am I the same as I was 5 or 10 years ago, no.  But my energy level is very different than it was several months ago.

I also didn't eat  treats or bread for almost 3 months.  It was an interesting experience. It caused me to think about why and when I eat treats.  I eat them to run away from my problems.  I also watch TV for that reason also.  Before I quit being a WW leader I hardly watched TV. Then I got sick and couldn't do anything and started watching LOTS of TV.  I got very addicted.  One thing I also hate is how easy it is to fall back to bad habits.  I started to eat treats and made some bread.  At the first sign of  frustration back to the TV with a treat or bread with jam, cinnamon sugar, or honey.  Ugh....  So should I never eat treats or watch TV?  I don't think that is the answer.  I am going to try to follow my schedule j(which keeps me busy and feeling good about myself), and try to eat treats only on the weekend and not ALL weekend.  If I am busy doing my list and projects, I don't have time to eat.  Boy aren't you grateful we don't drink alcohol?

On a lighter note, my bedroom closet is looking amazingly great!  I am going out to the greenhouse more often, bought a ton of seeds.  And am back to making a list every night for the next day.  I am very excited about expanding my plans to get projects done!  I truly believe they are going to happen.  Will keep you posted  as I go along.

Oh I want a new camera, mine is not working, ideas?

Love you  all!