Thursday, August 21, 2008

After the visits, Tuna! Harvesting the Garden!!!

Everyone had just left and the Tuna came in! So the late nights started and I watched Lost while I put the tuna in the jars, while I sat in the garage and tended the canner, and when I was too exhausted to do anything else. I don't' know that I would recommend watching that much of Lost. I finally finished them off. It is a happy-sad thing. I am really glad because it is tense and dark, but like any addiction, I miss it. I can't stop thinking about it!!! It's a curse. Next January when it starts again it will be better to only be able to watch one episode a week!

Steve went out tuna fishing twice, so kept me busy! He's planning on going more! If he does as well as he hopes, there will be tuna for everyone!!! Lizzie you will have to drive out! The pic below is me getting ready to can the next one is a few days later.We had an unexpected visit from the people we did an exchange with last year. This is the wife with us.We had a very nice evening with them. They stayed for about 4 hours, we fed them halibut and some first pickings from the garden.

I have now harvested 4 meals of green beans, nummmmmyyy! some tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers, carrots, green onions, and broccoli. It has been fun! Below is a potato that looked like Mickey!We made dolls for enrichment for the humanitarian aid, they are so cute. When we finish them if I can remember, I will take my camera so I can post them. I have been knitting again.

We went to Mikes graduation party at his parents, that was nice, they have a beautiful piece of land there. It was good to visit with them and get to know them better.

Last night we had one of those amazing dinners where everything came from the garden and the sea! It was nummy!We ordered some round labels that we could print on. Steve and I designed Tuna labels for the jars. Cute huh?!Megan and Greg came out again for a couple of nights, and then Greg's parents came to go tuna fishing with Steve. It was the first time they have been to our home. That night we had an unbelievable lightning and thunderstorm. It went on through the night and into the morning. Instead they went crabbing in the afternoon after the storm finally stopped. They got 30 crabs, rough life we live here!

All in all life is great! I have been struggling with my weight, I think it is because not enough rest. This weekend I was going to go to Jakes and decided I needed to stay home and catch up. It feels good. Well, love you all!!! I think I am caught up. Oh, if you haven't read the blog on the visit after the reunion, scroll down!

Family Visits

After the reunion we had Danielle, Clay, and Amy come back to the house with us. Mike, my Mom, and Dad joined us on Wednesday. We ate too many chocolate chip cookies, and who knows what else. We got Steve to play a game- Catch Phrase, it was fun, we played men against the women. The women won 2 out of three I think. We also went to the aquarium, they have a new exhibit,it is really cool. Danielle thinks it is the best they have had, I have to agree. It is like watching finding Nemo with real fish. We also went to strawberry hill, and Danielle and Clay introduced us to Lost. My parents loved Lost also, it was funny. We would be trying to decide what to do, and they would want to watch another episode. I sad to say am addicted. I will be glad when I am all caught up to the last one and will only be able to watch the new ones once a week when they come out!!!! Megan did Danielle's hair, you'll see that soon, it is really cute. All in all we ate too much and had a great time. I wonder how many times I say that phrase!? Well, here are some pics of the week. As you will see at some point the kids took the camera and took some silly pics, if they didn't want them seen, they shouldn't have taken them! :-) You'll also see some pics of Amy walking slowly up to a rabbit until they scared each other! The first pics are us looking at whales.I think the highlight of Danielles trip was Clay reading Twilight. :-) All in all it was great. I am too tired to talk about each pic, I am just going to assume you can figure it out. My dad, Steve and I were there, just doesn't look like it! I need Lizzie around to take pics of me!
love you all!