Monday, August 16, 2010

I can't believe it has been 1 and a half months!

That shows the state of my mind and life for the last few months! I have had lots to blog about, lets see... visits from my mom and dad-2 times, Danielle and her in-laws, Amy and Mike at least twice, Megan and Greg-twice, Jake and Lyndsey-once, and Rebecca and the girls. During some of these visits we were living in a house that is torn up, sheet rock dust up the wazoo, and men in my house before I was dressed some days. The outside air in our house and no way to change that. I lived in my bedroom with the door shut and the heater on when I could. It made me crazy. Then when it was time to paint all the places that now needed it, we were tired and wanting it done. But as the coast world is, no one wants to work, so we had to paint it ourselves. I did the upstairs kitchen and bath, Steve's office areas, the down stairs hallway,laundry area. Steve did some in the apartment. Then is was time to clean everything up. I finally hired someone to help me 2 days before Danielle and her in laws came. I feel like I have been running for several months and I am not done yet. Jake and Lyndsey went on a 10 year anniversary trip to Mexico. So we have Miles and Ruby for 10 days. Labor day weekend, Steve's sibs are coming, then Meg's baby is due. Our garage and shop still are a disaster. I want them done before the rain starts in October. I will have I think about 1 week in between all of that. Like Rebecca said I will probably crash and sleep for days after Ruby and Miles leave.

Now having said all that, I love my family and visits, it has just been hard because we were trying to do the remodel at the same time.

Tuna time has come again. I have a new Tuna hair style. I will post it tomorrow. It is very practical!

The bad thing about Tuna right now is that I can't do it during the day when the kids are here, it is too dangerous, so that means nights in the garage till 1:30am or tonight's will be around 3:00am. Oh well. We are grateful for the Tuna. I just wish Steve would go and get some Salmon. He gets so obsessed with the fact that he can get as many Tuna as he wants and only 2 Salmon a trip if he is lucky, that the Tuna win out. I personally would like some salmon. He has only caught one this year and I have already frozen about 100 bags of Tuna, and as of tonight will have canned about 230 half pint jars of Tuna.

I am getting groggy, what a shock! I forgot to get my camera before I came down to the garage, so the pics will have to come later. Well, hope all of you are doing well! love you all!