Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Well, it's been busy at our house. A week ago today I took Steve to get his first colonoscopy-I know a really great subject. We have both avoided them, he took the first big step. The results weren't terrible but it motivated me to sign up for one. When I get back from my trip with my sister, I think I will set up an appt. He had 6 pollups (like that name) that if left in there were the kind that would have turned to cancer. I am so glad he had them taken out. Needless to say I believe in colonoscopies.

Then on Friday I took him to Portland to get his eyes lazered-it was take care of Steve week. It has made a difference for him. I thought it wasn't really necessary, but now that he did it I can see he really needed it. I am glad he did it. Now we are constantly putting eye drops in his eyes. We spent the night at Jake's and Lyndsey's house. Jake made us a wonderful dinner and breakfast. The next day we went to the zoo. It was great fun. I will post pics later but here's a sneak preview.
Don't you just love Miles hat!

Yesterday I bought and ordered seeds and plant starts!! Ahhhhhh such a wonderful thing! I will have a lot more seeds than that. I bought those at this really cool Feed and Seed Store. It is in Toledo a little town just outside of Newport. The really cool thing about them is they will order the seeds I want and not charge me for shipping. She said they will come in this week! Pretty cool! I also got fresh local eggs there. It is now getting ready to be a 3rd generation store. Gotta love that!

The other night I was sitting at the computer and called Steve to come and look.It's a rough life, but someone has to live it, so I will carry the burden! Love you all!!!