Saturday, May 28, 2011

catching up

I have decided if someone wanted to make big money off of me all they have to do is show me some cute sprinkles and I will buy them. If someone invited me to a sprinkle party, if there was ever such a thing, I would probably spend my life savings and have to come home and eat my food storage. It is pitiful! I went to Wal-Mart to look for some sprinkles for Rebecca's wedding cupcakes and on the end cap was the sprinkles you see above. I couldn't buy just one of them... oh no I had to have them all! I started with one then thought well the boys need one too. Then I thought "well I don't have any thing like the Tinkerbell one, so all that was left was Mickey Mouse, so what the heck, I threw it in my cart. So I went in for wedding stuff and a mic for skype, I came out with a mic and 4 sets of sprinkles and two candy necklace kits.

I loved the finale on American Idol. It was the best I've ever seen. It gave me hope in America that the last two people they voted for were clean, wholesome, humble people. The winner, Scotty was a downright gentleman. It made the last 2 episodes a lot of fun.

I have really enjoyed having my camera (well, one like it) back. I love taking pictures. I don't know what I will do with all of them, but can't resist a beautiful sunset, or a pretty flower. If I take it to my green house I can't resist taking pics of the veggies. And of course if my grandkids are around I want to take pics of them too!

Speaking of my greenhouse-every year especially now that we live up here, I have to say to myself, "be grateful for what you can grow and don't get up tight about not planting every square inch! If I don't tell myself that I start getting discouraged especially at this time of year. My tomatoes look fabulous (the little plant in the middle is basil)-that is the ones in the beds. The pic above was taken about a week ago. 3 days ago they had grown a good 4-6 inches. The experiment of hanging tomatoes.... I am not sure about. They are growing much slower. They don't look any bigger than they did a week ago. The one that I put their special soil and fertilizer in doesn't look as healthy as the one that I put my regular special soil that I add to my beds every year and my regular fertilizer. I had a crazy spinach plant that tried to take over the greenhouse. If we had been living at our house by the greenhouse, it would have been eaten instead of growing all over the ground. It started going to seed so I pulled it up. :-( Oh well.This year has been the year of the rhododendrons. It has been so beautiful! The wild rodies are more in bloom than I have ever seen them. They are blooming all up and down the highway, I love it! Our purple one bloomed.I finished Rebecca's dress as much as I can until I get down there, it is going to be pretty.

Well, tomorrow is my last sharing time for two months. I am glad. I know that did well, but I could do better and I am looking forward to feeling like I know better what I am doing. Last week the stake was there observing. I told them that I still don't feel like I know what I am doing, and they all said you sure couldn't tell. That made me feel better, but I still am grateful that I get to observe for a couple of months.

It seems like I had more to say but I'm tired and have company coming tomorrow.

Love you all bunches!

Well, it seemed like I had

Monday, May 16, 2011

Guess What I Got?!!!

Well, I took my camera to a painting class and on the way there I left it on the plane! Talk about a depressing thing when you love your camera as much as I do. I called 7 airports and no one turned it in. So you guessed it someone stole it. Sooooo I look on line at Costco and then called Lizzie to get her opinion, she says, "go on eBay and get your same camera, unless you didn't like the pictures or etc. " I thought I loved my camera, plus she said that way I wouldn't have to learn a new camera. So I took my first real serious leap on eBay. I put in a bid and then was worried I put in to high of a bid, but I was the highest bidder. There were 16 people bidding on it. When it got close to the closing time I noticed someone had out bid me. I upped my bid and was about to go on a walk. I noticed that if I went on my walk, I wouldn't be there at the end. So I got paranoid and sat down and watched it. About 5 minutes before it closed someone out bid me. I then clicked on the little 1 click bid, and so did the other person, that went on for a couple of more bids, then it had about 2 minutes left and I was high bidder, I sat there so nervous wondering if this was an experienced bidder and would out bid me at the last second. But the last two minutes clicked away and I got it!!! I was so happy. It came in about 2 days later. I didn't have any way to get my pics off of the camera, so I couldn't tell if it took good pics or not. So Saturday I went to walmart, got a card reader.

Today it was beautiful so I went outside to take some pics of the Rhodies that Steve planted last summer and voila, beautiful pics. Ahhhhhhh.... I am so happy. I will be blogging more again!

I decided to blog my paintings I did with my sister in Missouri. It was an interesting experience. I enjoyed the time with my sister, enjoyed painting most of the time, but didn't like the teacher. I guess she is amazing and famous, but as teaching goes, I thought she was okay. She was a "fixer". I like to do my own work and I if I dont' like something or want some help, I like to ask and not have the teacher "fix it" for me! Oh well, live and learn. It made me want to experiment with oils again.I have several things to blog, a new dress, Danielle's present and etc. But will do that when I look more presentable. Enjoy the pretty flowers and the paintings. Love you all!