Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Walk

Today was my aerobic and strength training day. One of my goals this week was to add 20 minutes to my exercise routine. I wanted that to be walking on the beach. BUtttttt it has been very stormy with very high waves. Today it was mild weatherwise. Still mostly cloudy and cool, but the wind was hardly there and the tide was a little ways out for a change. I was a little concerned about sneaker waves but not too much since it was just going to be a 20 minute walk. As I was walking I found myself doing what I usually do and that was look for interesting things on the beach. I saw a small clam shell and thought it looked different, so I bent down and it was a fossil. I thought, that was interesting. I put it in my pocket. Then I walked a little further and you guessed it, another fossil. I thought hmmm.... maybe this is a fossil beach. Then I found some petrified wood. I started to think about how every beach we have lived on is a little different. In bayshore it was the whole sand dollar beach, with the dunes to hide in and sea lions to watch. Then we moved to Idaho Street and in the winter with the storms came the agates. I think I found maybe 2 sand dollars in 6 years while we lived there. We had easy beach access, roaring waves in our face and yet wide long sandy beach to play on. Here in South Beach, I am still discovering. Here it's like a mini 4th year hike without a back pack when I go down to the beach. The path is full of nature and shrubs and trees with little peeks of the ocean and occasional scenic view spots as you go down. I can't wait for Clay and Danielle to come so Clay can give me a geology lesson about the banks here. I don't think it is unique or special, but it is definitely different than our last 2 beaches. Now would be the time for me to be philosophical. But I'm not going to be. I just love how Heavenly Father has given us lots of beauty and adventures. Well, I'm glad I got up earlier than I have lately, the rain just started pouring down. With all the skylights we have here, you can really hear the wind and rain. Kind of cool! Love you all and hope your day is great!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Way Behind

We had Jake, Lyndsey, Ruby and Miles over last weekend. It was fast but fun. Since they were only one day really (two nights) we did things from morning till late. I made pancakes with Ruby first thing in the morning. Lyndsey told me she has been looking forward to that for some time. She had told everyone that she was going to her grandmas and we were going to make PANCAKES!!! That was so funny to me. I knew she liked pancakes and that she liked to make them with me, but I didn't realize it was that big of a deal to her.

Then we started to get things ready for a tea party. By the time we got everything ready it was close to lunch time, so we had a lunch/dessert tea party. Lyndsey and Miles joined us. Miles didn't last as long as the rest of us, but way longer than I thought he would. I bought these cute top hats for the boys, but I didn't know where they were since our move. So he wore my red hat.Miles is a kick in the pants. He loves being funny. He is quite advanced in the humor area for his age in my opinion. He saw this pic of him that everyone loves where he is laughing, and later in the day when I was getting ready to take pictures of him, he tried really hard to make that face. He loves to fake laugh, it's pretty funny.

Then we went to the aquarium. Needless to say I was exhausted. BUT we needed to eat and it is our ritual to feed people fish, so that meant I had to fix dinner. Jake offered to help, but he looked tired. Sunday we went to church and they went home, I crashed after church.

We didn't go outside because it has been non-stop rain!!!! I love and appreciate the rain. BUT one of the things I love about the coast is because of the wind, we usually get some sun on a regular basis, but no such luck, it has been one storm after the next.

I think everyone knows by now, but I have been called to be the Education counselor. I am so grateful. I was starting to hide in my house and just watch TV instead of finishing the unpacking. Since it was Christmas when they called me and the Pres. is in a play right now. So between those two things it has been a gradual assigning of things. I am so grateful, my mind is still fuzzy at times. When I was set apart the Bishop said something very interesting. He said that the Lord would cause small miracles so that I could fulfill my family commitments, and then I was to share those small miracles with my family. Sooooo I need to be paying attention, not procrastinate blogging and share those things.

I have gone and worked in my greenhouse one day. My goal is to go after weight watchers every week. I think it will work.

Right now instead of New Years goals I can only think about getting off the 14 pounds I have gained over the last 8 months, and unpacking the rest of my house. I lost 2.2lbs last week and am hopeful about this week.

I made some yummy brownies that were made with half Kamut and some applesauce in place of some of the butter. Steve never knew! They turned out to be 5 points for a 3x3 piece. They had lots of nuts in them, so if they didn't they would be even less.

I finally set up my tea party stuff, it looks so cool. I am going to put some pics of the kids at tea parties with me in black and white or sepia tone (Jake's idea). I am really excited about that. I am excited to get some pics up. That will come later this week. I have loved our bathroom. It is the first time since we have been married that we actually have a place for everything, nothing is on the counters! Yea!! The bathroom always looks so clean. It's amazing how easy it is to put things away when there is actually a place to put it!

24 starts tonight. I am excited. I hope it is good this year. I liked it last year, but it was a little to political in the annoying way last year. Keiffer Sutherland is involved in the producing now, and so in comes the liberal stuff.

I can't wait for Lost. It will be when I am at Lizzie's for the baby. I will probably have to wait until I get home to watch it. We'll see. I am usually too tired to do anything but take care of the kids and Lizzie. If there is free time I am unusually sleeping.

Well, I have babbled on long enough. Love and miss you all!!!