Thursday, January 31, 2008

Life is good!

Well, life has been hard lately. I prayed today that I would be blessed with the gift of a happy heart. So for my scripture study I got out the conference issue and read a talk by Elder Uctdorf about rejoicing because we have the gospel. By the time I got done, I had a happy heart. Heavenly Father is so wonderful and kind. I am so grateful for the Savior and the Atonement.

Because of being sick and not being able to exercise and other things, I had a hard time food wise this week. I didn't really binge, just things were hard. I have to lose every week until goal and then maintain, or I will be put on a one month probation. So I was really nervous this week. I got there and I lost 1.6 lbs. I was so happy and relieved I started crying. I knew I was nervous, and it really came out at the scale. Thankfully I weigh before the meeting with just my receptionists. They are wonderful and so supportive. Needless to say I went into the bathroom, got down on my knees and thanked Heavenly Father. The meeting was great.

We are having lots of wind and rain, but because it is the coast we get short glimpses of the sun which I am very grateful for, we are having one this minute, I am letting my face feel it!

I finished two cute outfits for Aliese's doll for her b-day, will post them after her b-day.

Tomorrow I have a Pres meeting, Sat and Sun are our Stake conference. So busy weekend. I hope but probably won't be able to, sew on my skirt. It is looking cute!

Well, love you all!!!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sick of being Sick!!! and Ruby

Just as I think I am getting better, down I go again. I went to church today, and by the middle of Sacrament meeting I felt like I was not well. I feel like Megans blog a while back, What is the Purpose of mucous!!!! I am quite tired of it. Oh well, I will just have to accept that I am human and therefore susceptable to germs. I just thought I was taking better care of myself than that!!! Can you hear the whine in my voice. And can you hear Steve laughing at my thinking I could "positve think" my way out of this. Oh well. Thats about it!

I went to Walmart to buy some fabric for Aliese's b-day present. I had already bought fabric, and she requested certain outfits after the fact. I hadn't started the dresses because I was sick, so I went and got new fabric. Now I am just hoping I can get well enough to sew them before it is too late to mail them.

Oh I forgot the most important thing that happened this weekend. Ruby came to spend the night with us on Friday. It was really fun. Because I was sick, we mostly watched movies. It is just good to be with her. Here's her choice of dress up clothes. Hee Hee, I truly mean her choice! I didn't try to influence her at all I am being totally honest! We made princess pictures. We made pancakes of course. She left quite early, it was a quick trip for Jake to stay with his band buddies at a place in Depoe Bay. We are just having rain, and sitting under blankets, because it is almost freezing. I know we are wimps to you Idaho people.!!! Love you all!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Correction, and a cold!

First I was being sarcastic about Megan's cake. Everyone was gobbling it up and was loving it and said so, then they saw I wasn't eating any and very sarcastically said it tasted terrible! I am so sorry I was misunderstood.

I have a yuccky cold. I hope it doesn't last long it is getting in the way of some very important sewing!!!

Finally at about 2:00 I decided I couldn't answer the phone anymore and that I needed to rest. Sooooo I got out the 2nd and 3rd Lord of the Rings, (I have been exercising to them) and watched them. I love Sam. He is so amazing. I think those movies are the epitome of friendship, loyalty, and goodness. During the last battle scene when Aragon finished his speech and took off on his horse, I thought of Captain Moroni! Tears were streaming down my cheeks. In fact throughout the last movie it was very emotional to me. I watched the extra stuff on the other Dvd's and the director said that the last movie was definitely the most emotional. It was cool too that since they were going to be together for two solid years in New Zealand, they tried to pick not only people that would fit the part, but people that were nice. I thought that was cool. You could tell in the extra stuff they really did love each other a lot. Elijah Wood was only 17 when they casted him, and 18 when he started . He was away from his family the whole two years. Anyway, I love them more now than I did the first time. I wish I could make myself read the books!!!
Love you all!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Megans b-day, Jakes Family's visit, Lindy and Bryce visit

Well, I realized I hadn't posted Megan's b-day pics. It was a nice day. We traveled to Eugene, I made Megan and Greg Salmon, mashed potatoes with a lot of butter! (which Meg helped me with) and Salad. It was yummy. Greg made the dessert, and Amy and Mike, and Grandma and Grandpa came over. Jake and Lyndsey already had company coming from Portland. We had fun visiting and I heard the dessert was very bad! Megan was trying to pretend for me. She as she was shoveling it into her mouth with a big smile on her face!

Everyone started showing up!
Beautiful Amy and Grandma!
Steve and Mike waste no time discussing something important!
Beautiful Megan and Greg
Megan getting ready for the cake
Cake time!Present time! Amy made her a cool tablecloth out of some fabric that Megan had been admiring!
We got her some Piano music for two of her latest favorite movies
Now it was visit time
Such a great pic of my dad!
A very intense conversation about trucks began

Mike decided to get in on the truck conversation
Isn't Megan pretty!
Last but not least I was there also! Amy was really close when she took the pic.
The last few days have been interesting. I have had this pumped up attitude about Weight watchers, then the day came to go to Polly's meeting, I thought cool I'll be able to be a member, celebrate like a member and just blend in with everyone else. WRONG!!! First I walk in and the second person I see is one of my members that is out of town a lot and has to trade between my meeting and Polly's. She asks me what I'm doing there and I say "I just felt like I needed a meeting." She says , "its nice to know you're human". Then a few more minutes go by and then another lady that used to go to my meeting on occasion when she couldn't go to Polly's at work meeting shows up. She comes and stands by me in line. The vision of being a member feeling is rapidly flying out the window. Then who did I lay my coat by accidentally, the member from my meeting that I saw when I first walked in. Needless to say, being just a member is now completely gone. Then to add more pain to the situation, I had gained since Thursday, which of course isn't accurate because that is not my normal weigh-in time. Needless to say I am not weighing on Saturdays again. I came home not a very happy camper. I sat and pouted for a few hours and then decided that wasn't making me feel any better so I got up and got ready for Lindy (Arnold) and her husband Bryce to come. After all the pouting, I decided I will just slide into Polly's meeting just after it starts and sit in the back with my paper and pencil and take notes on the things I need to work on and ideas I get from others. I really did enjoy the meeting, and came away with some things I want to do. So the meeting wasn't a waste, I just need to think of it differently. I will celebrate my successes with Polly and Lynne on Thursday before my meeting.

Lindy and Bryce came last night, it has been fun, we had Tuna, (the new way), baked potatoes, my bread and Salad. Steve talked me into making Choc Chip Cookies. Ugggghhhhh! I think I will have almost no points left after today. Lindy and Bryce wanted to make breakfast for us, it was delicious, and very sweet of them, but again added points to my list. It was a pecan recipe out of a bag. It was very healthy.

We then went to church came home early after Sacrament meeting, because Jake and Lyndsey's family came over. So here are some cute little pics of the kids. Ruby was too busy for pics as you will see.
Miles is alot like Jake was as a baby, he smiles so big and is very happy when you look at him and talk to him. This doesn't do him justice, even though he is pretty dang cute here!

Well, I love you all!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sewing, Dinner, American Idol, and WW's

Well, yesterday was a roller coaster. I talked to all three of my siblings yesterday. I think that was a first! By the afternoon I was having a great time. I was in my sewing room cleaning it and laid out some fabric for another skirt!!! It was great to do something fun, just for the sake of having fun! I was listening to music, and then talking to my sister. I was going to clean house in preparation for today, but I just felt I needed to take care of me, so off to the sewing room I went.

I had a contest for my Weight Watcher members that lasted about two months. They had to do several things and every week they would turn in a little paper with their score. Everyone that participated got a prize, then I had 3 Places. All 3 places got to choose certain WW products with 3rd being the least expensive and on up . First place got a prize and dinner at my house, with a choice of fish, starch, salad, and bread. The lady that won first place is really nice and she brought her husband and the bread. She made it and for my children it was delicious and less than a point. I got the recipe, I think I will try it. It's whole grain. They were so sweet and we thoroughly enjoyed them. Today was the big day for the dinner so today I cleaned after a leisurely morning. I slept in, (much needed) and then kept a pretty brisk pace to get the house clean and ready for a tour. Thankfully it wasn't really dirty, just needed some touch-up. But it still took several hours, because I had to vacuum the whole house, mop all the floors, and clean my bathroom. Make a few beds and hide a few things. :-) I knew Steve would want me to give them a tour, so that meant everything that was obvious needed some touchup. Wouldn't it be great if we kept our houses clean all the time so we wouldn't have to do things like that!!!! I can dream!!! They were so generous and complimentary. They have a huge house with granite counters and etc. But they are also very down to earth people, she loves fishing and is always pretty casual. Steve and I were both very glad we did it.

Well, today was American Idol!!! Yea!!! This first part is always hard because we don't really like the people that want to be freaky, and foul. We finally started muting it and Steve kept leaving the room saying he wasn't going to watch it until they got done with this part. But he couldn't keep himself from coming back out. The last girl came out and within 3 seconds, (I'm not exaggerating) I said to Steve (he was in his office) I bet this girl is a Mormon. And sure enough she is. She didn't say she was, but she said she doesn't watch R rated movies or drink or etc. So we have two people to root for, one of the girls is from Oregon, the other a Mormon. At least through the Hollywood Round. It was fun to talk Amy in every commercial. I think for me that is half the fun. We entertain Steve and Mike. I think Mike gets a bigger charge out of it than Steve, but Amy is a bit more dramatic than me.

Well, the final news. I got word from my boss today that I need to start losing consistently to goal every week, turn in my weight every week, attend a meeting every week, and then maintain. If I start to gain, I will be pulled from being a leader for a month! Talk about motivation. I told her I had never actually done maintenance. which she didn't know. So I am glad to finally have some accountability and be a member (in the sense that I will be attending a meeting at another location as a member and not a leader) for awhile so I can reach goal as a member. After all that is what WW's teaches, that you will lose 3 times faster if you attend your meetings. Being a leader is not attending a meeting. That is serving others for an hour and a half if I have new members, a little over an hour if there are no new members. The first half hour they are weighing in and I am walking around talking to them. I feel very hopeful and it is interesting the reaction I had, I was grateful. I also realized that I will have to do everything I know how to do. I will have to plan, focus and follow program. No cheating. To lose every week means focus. I needed this. I have been playing around with 10 pounds for 3 years. And even though that in itself is an accomplishment for me, it is time to get on with it and reach goal. I will be a better leader and I will feel better about myself. I will be able to let go of a big huge weight on my shoulders that I have been carrying around for 3 years. I don't regret the last 3 years though, I learned a lot. Time if you are trying teaches you a lot. I have learned a lot. Well, I have rambled on enough. Love you all!!!!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Gave my talk

Well, my talk went well, I was more nervous in the prep stage than I normally am, because I procrastinated so late that I didn't have time to practice it! I was hoping it was going to flow well, It did according to Steve, and I got lots of thanks and compliments. So I am assuming it went well. I used a part of a line in my patriarchal blessing that says procrastination is an unholy thing that can persuade us away from the Lord. I used a quote from Elder Oaks, Elder Ballard, a Mission pres talk in the Ensign, but mostly a talk by Elder Halston a seventy. It was in the Aug 2003 issue. I told the story of my skirt in my talk as an example of how procrastinating can persuade you from the Lord. The next day WW day, I got up late because of sewing till 4:30am, we didn't say family prayer and have scripture study, I didn't have my personal scripture study, and the day was basically wasted. I should be in my room right now while Steve is asleep looking at my priorities this month and for this week. I will soon!

My skirt was a hit at church and at weight watchers. That was fun. I have decided to take Rebecca's advice and set aside some time to sew and start making myself beautiful clothes.

Our house is clean and beautiful again!! Tuesday the contest winners for the Holiday Challenge I gave at weight watchers, are coming to dinner. She chose Halibut, pasta, green salad, and no dessert! She wants bread also, do you think I should use my homemade bread or make rolls or buy bread? I think will do the oven breaded version of halibut with rosemary. I like it best that way and it is more moist. I will cook it less than Steve likes, he likes his dry at least to me it tastes dry.

Oh!!! We had the best tuna I have ever made!!!! I have always wanted to try blackened tuna, well today I didn't have all the ingredients, but I have read and seen how you are supposed to do it. Soooooo I got the olive oil hot, on med high, in the pan(on the stove) and put as much Montreal steak seasoning on as I could in a hurry( the oil got hot faster than I anticipated and I was using 2 other burners and it was stressful to move the pan, so I just plastered the seasoning on as fast as I could and sprinkled cayenne pepper on also. I forgot lemon. It was the best and tastiest tuna we have ever had. I will take mine off a little sooner next time. The first piece I got was just slightly pink in the middle, and it was soooooo goood! The next piece I took was more done. Steve doesn't' like to see pink, but I think his was just barely cooked to white. Anyway, forgetting the lemon was a blessing. Now you know what that means- you guessed it, Steve will be disappointed if I try a new way to cook it! Oh well, I remember what I did this time for the time after next. ;-)

Well, love you all!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Preparing for talk

I am giving a talk in Sacrament meeting this Sunday. I have decided since my life has been out of balance, I would give a talk on balance. I am not done but I ran across a part of a talk by Brent L. Top in the April 2005 Ensign. I wanted to share it because I think it is amazing. He quotes many general authorities, I think it gives insight that we all need and struggle with. It is realistic in ways that I have never read, and relieves the old enemy guilt! I hope you will ponder it like I am going to and let it make you feel better and have peace!! I love you!

Maintaining Spiritual Balance

Just as temporal imbalance can affect our emotional and spiritual peace, so can spiritual imbalance have a detrimental effect on every aspect of our lives. To maintain a proper spiritual balance, we must remember that the Lord does not expect us to achieve perfection while in mortality. The unrealistic expectation that we must be perfect in all we do right now actually retards true gospel living and stifles spirituality. When we fall short of our preconceived notions of perfection, we tend to browbeat ourselves with undeserved self-criticism and guilt or to exhaust ourselves with unrealistic efforts to work our way to perfection.

King Benjamin’s counsel not to run faster than we have strength is as significant spiritually as it is temporally, perhaps more so. A key phrase in King Benjamin’s counsel is “be diligent” (see Mosiah 4:27). We must remember that much spiritual growth does not occur suddenly but rather through time and experience. The encouraging message of the gospel is that God does not often require us to perform sensational or extraordinary deeds but rather to try to do better today than we did yesterday. He is mindful of our desires, our determination, and our direction as well as of our deeds.

To maintain spiritual balance, we must frequently take inventory of our spiritual progress. Honest assessment of the desires of our hearts and the direction of our lives can aid us in overcoming feelings of inadequacy. Elder Neal A. Maxwell (1926–2004) of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles provided us with this inspiring counsel:

“We can distinguish more clearly between divine discontent and the devil’s dissonance, between dissatisfaction with self and disdain for self. We need the first and must shun the second, remembering that when conscience calls to us from the next ridge, it is not solely to scold but also to beckon.

“… We can contemplate how far we have already come in the climb along the pathway to perfection; it is usually much farther than we acknowledge. …

“… We can make quiet but more honest inventories of our strengths. … Most of us are dishonest bookkeepers and need confirming ‘outside auditors.’ He who was thrust down in the first estate delights to have us put ourselves down. Self-contempt is of Satan; there is none of it in heaven. We should, of course, learn from our mistakes, but without forever studying the instant replays as if these were the game of life itself.” 6

One of the barriers to spiritual balance is “pseudo-self-reliance.” Robert L. Millet identified the danger of relying too much on our own limited abilities. He said that some Church members who are blocked in their progress and weighed down with guilt “seek to double their effort—to work harder. If the present pace does not eradicate the problem, they decide to run faster. Too often what follows is a type of spiritual diminishing returns—exhaustion and additional frustration. The answer to all problems is not necessarily more and harder work, particularly in regard to spiritual matters. The answer is often to learn our limits and do what we can, then turn to the Lord for assistance.” 7

Applying the Atonement

While my wife was struggling to escape from the cycle of faithful works followed by frustration and discouragement, the Spirit of the Lord whispered to her that what she was demanding of herself was not pleasing to the Lord because she was not allowing the Atonement to operate fully in her life. It is not a sign of weakness to avail ourselves of the Atonement. Rather, it shows courage, faith, and gratitude. The Atonement allows us not only to repent of sin but also to receive an outpouring of the Savior’s grace, which strengthens us when we simply do not have the power to overcome our human weaknesses. It allows the Savior to share our burdens and compensate for our many inadequacies (see Matt. 11:28–30; Ether 12:27).

There is no peace for those whose lives are out of balance temporally or spiritually. They can become tossed to and fro by the winds of discouragement and the storms of frustration. Yet just as the Savior stilled the storm on the Sea of Galilee (see Matt. 8:26), He can bless our lives with His calming, comforting, and guiding influence if we will slow down, run only as fast as we have strength, and yet “press forward with a steadfastness in Christ” (2 Ne. 31:20).

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Sewed a new skirt!

Well, I finally made my skirt! I probably wouldn't have but I told my WW meeting last week (our topic was taking care of yourself) that I am still working on taking care of myself. That I wanted them to make me accountable for making a new skirt. I set a goal 5 weeks ago and told myself that I would make myself a skirt if I reached it. I reached the goal and 3 weeks later, still had not made the skirt . So last night at 10:00 I decided I would finally finish the skirt. At 4:30 AM I finished it. It is lined and the pattern wasn't lined so I had to figure that out on my own looking at one of my purchased lined skirts. I have found skirts hang so much better if they are lined. I have decided to never have my meeting be involved in my weight maintenance concerns any more. I have always known that my weight challenges are to be left outside when I walk through the door, but I miss a meeting where I can be a member. I forgot until this week why I need to remain a leader. I think it is good for them to see that I am human, and I will always show them the positive outcomes of my humanness. It did make them feel better to know I am human and did make the skirt, but made it in the middle of the night. Crazy I know!

Well, I am tired. We finally got the decorations in the attic, but the house is still not clean and the furniture needs to be moved back. I think I will work on that tonight.

We just got done watching the "Roots" miniseries. It was fabulous. Steve and I would recommend it to everyone. There are some whipping scenes and realities of being a slave, so depending if you can handle it, it is good to see the slave thing from a slaves perspective.

Oh the other day I made omlets for Steve and I, the veggies looked so pretty I had to take a pic. They weren't from my greenhouse, but hopefully next week I will get out there.

Late this afternoon the weather calmed down for a short period of time. I kept falling asleep on the couch and then waking up to see a glimpse of the setting sun. A sight for sore eyes, we have had more than our share of rain, wind, hail, thunder, and lightening. I am ready for some calm days. We probably have more rain ahead, but it was nice to see the sun.

love you to all!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Cardtable House, Gilmore s, Great Education Week talk and Stormy weather

Well, Danielle asked me where I was so even though it is late I thought I'd better say where I am. Lost and confused and tired! I think I'm hormonal, so most of you know how that feels. Besides that I am great!

I thought I would show some pics of our wild weather lately. The waves were so crazy and wild that it splashed up onto our sidewalk about halfway! It was one of the few times I actually saw it happen. Usually you just see that it did it, not watch it happen. It was cool! I didn't go out and look, but Steve said the sand for one day or part of a day, was gone beneath our steps for about 3 feet or so! That is not cool. It could compromise or break our steps. But thankfully the next big tide brought the sand back in. I wish it would calm down enough to go for a walk. It would be cool to see what all this wildness has done to the shoreline and to see if I can find some cool agates. I loved the rainbow pic. I tried to get my camera sooner, but just barely caught it. Rainbows over the ocean are very fleeting because of the wind and the quick changes in the weather. Today the morning was fabulous, gorgeous sun wild ocean and within two hours it was raining and dark again.

I thought this one was cool because of the birds.
Loved this rainbow even though it was faint
What I really wished is I could have gotten some of the really big splash up in the air ones. But like I said, it is luck to be there at those cool moments and even luckier to catch them on the camera!

Most of Saturday and Sunday I was entrenched in my sewing room watching the 7th season of Gilmore s for the first time since it aired last year, and sewing Tanner and Kate's card table house. It was funny to me that Amy brought them up, because the other night after I finished my house, I wanted to come down and blog my feelings about the Gilmore s. I totally was disappointed last year with the season in general and especially the abrupt end. But because I am a faithful Gilmore fan and own all the other seasons, (even the questionable 5th and 6th seasons) I bought the 7th. I have to say partly because my expectations were so low, and I think watching basically without interruption it made it so much more enjoyable. And it helped to keep the emotion going. By the end (remember I'm hormonal) I was a blubbering idiot. I was bawling well at least tears streaming down my face. I think since I knew it was going to end abruptly I enjoyed it more this time because I wasn't expecting what I was hoping I was going to see. Also I love the scene when Lorelei is singing to Luke. I love that she finally let herself feel. Well, anyway it restored my love for Gilmore s.

Now here is my last house for now. I have decided I am going to go out and get enough fabric for all the other houses and work on them off and on until they are all done. I don't like the pressure I put myself in by having to make them all at once with no breaks and my life falling apart. I have no one to blame but myself. I did get it done and mailed today so it will make it there by their b-days. But I don't' want the others to be this way. Then I will give it to them when their first child turns 2. That way they can have it for a long time.
Steve thought I should be in one of them. Tanner loves Cars so I made one on his house!
Last but certainly not least. Like I said I feel really out of sorts, so even though I was tired and it was late, I watched a talk from Education Week on the BYU channel. It was about Children that stray. The best talk I have ever heard on the subject. He talked about everything from why they will be saved no matter what and to parents w/o wayward children, not getting up and so to speak telling the whole ward in Sacrament meeting about how all their children have gone on missions, gotten sealed in the temple and so on. He then quoted Elder Ashton one of my favorites when he was alive. A Stake Pres at Stake Conf. where Elder Ashton was attending got up and did just what I described about telling all the wonderful things your children have done,.very lovingly Elder Ashton stood up put his arm around the Stake Pres and told him to go into his closet and thank the Lord for his righteous children, but not to burden us with the info. I can really relate to that one. The key for those of us in the situation of having children that stray is to memorize the quotes that Bro Marshall quoted from and have hope (true belief) that our children not only will come back but have to if we live worthy of our temple covenants. Anyway some of the quotes he used were in the Sept. 2002 Ensign- Hope for Parents of Wayward Children. It is really short just 4 quotes. I thought it would be good for all of us to read, because it really explains why the children will come back.

I think that is about it. I am taking down my Christmas decor finally!
Oh, I think I discovered why sometimes the pics don't download, I think it is the cybersitter. So if you are having troubles downloading pics try turning off your internet filter. It worked for me.
Love you all!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Need Help

Well, I just have to say I love my Zune. I know I sound so silly, but I had all my CD's in my car in one place at the touch of a finger today for the first time in a lonnnnggggggg time. I am so excited. I also tried my earphones that came with it and I can't believe how good it sounds. I tried them when I first got the zune and for some reason I couldn't get sound out of one of the ear plugs. (I also couldn't get the wall plug to work, hmmm? what is the common element there?) But today I tried them again and they both work and sound amazing.

Sooo my question's are: We bought some cheaper audio cords and I plugged them into my stereo and it was really hard to make it get loud, so is it because of where I am plugging it in, or do I need to buy better audio cords? 2nd questions, is the sound going to be a lot better if I buy a better connector to my car stereo besides a tape connector that goes into my tape deck. The sound is very average, not like the cd is in the cd player? Oh and a third question, Danielle what number do you listen to your zune on? I like it on 8 but I wonder if that is too loud. It took me until today to figure out how to turn it up. I need to go on the how to site again. I got interrupted the last time I did. Oh 4th questions will I get used to ear plug earphones? And is there an easier way to keep them in that I am missing. Or will my ear holes have to stretch themselves out like shoes do when we get brand new ones? LOL!

Well, besides that, I took down my all my Christmas lights on the outside of my house yesterday, (with my zune playing very wonderful music for me) and boy am I glad, the rain came in full gale last night again. Yesterday you could have water skied on the ocean. Today it was winter all over again. Today I had to do catchup and go to town (Newport). That always takes time. I was having a very good time looking at all the 75% off decor, and fabric. I got a whole bunch of cute fabric for napkins (we like cloth napkins) for .50 a yard!!! I also got a few decorations to add to my tree, and a new snow hill for my village. I had a very good time strolling around Walmart, I think I was there about 2 hours or so! I don't get out much! Ha! Ha! I ran through Freddies and then Staples and home again.

I forgot all about New years eve, we actually stayed up til midnight this year. Toasted and kissed, a first for a few years!

Well, that is about all for my exciting life! Love you all!