Sunday, May 6, 2012

My cold didn't last long, that was nice.  It gave me a needed rest.  Gotta look at the positive.  Have been working in my greenhouse.  That is always nice, especially when I remember my music.  I forgot my music the last few times and it isn't the same, especially if the sun isn't out. The lettuce on the right hand side is volunteer from last year! Fun! The next pic is a before and after pruning Herbs. Happy me in my greenhouse!

The closer it gets to when we can put our house up for sale the more I ache when I'm down there at the greenhouse.  I always go in the house if it isn't booked.  It is always hard.  Then I read a conference talk and feel sad for not being grateful for what I have now.  It's a weird thing.
We have been talking about chickens ALOT lately.  I think when we go back to Idaho Street we are going to try our hand at chickens.  We are going to try letting them roam the property during the day.  We'll see if that works or if they get carried away by some bird or animal.  I hope it works I think it would be cool to have true range free, organic chicken eggs.  We would have to eat more eggs though!
The sun came out yesterday and today.  I hope it lasts, we have had more than our share of wind and rain this year.
I am going to start getting the house ready to sell.  Lots of sorting and giving away and throwing away.  It is amazing how many things you can disorganize and collect in 3 years!
Last month seemed like such a busy month.  I felt like I never got caught up. I watched more news than I think I ever have before. I feel more educated about my political choices than I ever have before.  It would be so amazing to have an active Priesthood holder in the White House, I hope it happens.
I have changed my exercise DVD's to a more intense set, and I overdid it and could hardly walk from Wednesday on.  I MEAN really truly could hardly walk.  My glutes were killing me.  needless to say I am going to back off a little.  I was shaking and almost throwing up after the workouts on Monday and Tuesday.
My fingernails are long again!  That is exciting. I got my hair cut and colored.  I finally had her dye all my roots.  My gray was showing up too much for my comfort level.  She got it lighter than I wanted, but that was my fault.  I really like it though, its something new.  Meg told me to have her put in more layers and it looked so good today.  I wanted to take pics but Steve was slow so we didn't have time.  I took some with my phone but they look darker than my hair really is.  Well, I'm tired, I think I will post more pics and info later. Love you all!