Sunday, July 20, 2008

day 3 and 4

Today we made some pitiful Martha Stewart cookies. I know shock! But they tasted good, just were hard as rock. One of the fun things to watch is Tanner and Kate play together. They talk to each other and really seem to understand each other, it is so cute. Tonight we went swimming, and Tanner was singing and singing, a song he was making up. Then Kate started singing also, it was so sweet. One of the wonderful things about going to church, I get centered again and am ready to be the person I should be.

Well, I am reminded how busy it is with toddlers and how wonderful church is. Even though by the end of sacrament meeting they were about to climb the walls, or was that me, anyway, it was still wonderful to take the sacrament and to think about my life and how it was going. Then they both went to nursery!!! It was the first time in 4 days that I didn't have one of the kids in the same room with me. Actually by last night I was finally getting the hang of it. I learned to really rest when they were resting, and even take a short nap. Then sneak my book in there and read while Tanner naps. At night I can sneak down for about 45 min and do some things. I get up right before 6:00am and exercise. I remembered why I used to get up before the kids to exercise or sew or read my scriptures. Then, this happens to me every time I babysit any of my grandkids, I finally remember it is okay if they watch too much TV, it is okay if I do something I want to do. For some reason, I think I have to be the entertainment committee full time! I didn't do that when I was a mom, and my kids turned out okay and love me.

Lizzie and Shad are coming home tomorrow about 6. I know as soon as I get on the plane on Tuesday, I will be missing the kids. But I will see them again 2 days later. I am so excited for the reunion. To see my whole family is something so rare and special. I feel so blessed!

Love you all!!!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Day 2

Well, I have to say by the end of the day yesterday I realized Steve has been right all these years that we have been alone, my time is my own! I do have a lot of responsibilities and they do take time, but I can choose when to do most of them and do them by myself if I want. I can go into my room and shut the door and block out the rest of the world if I want. I think I will realize that more now and be more grateful! It's amazing and mind blogging that I had 4 kids under the age of 5at one time. I think Heavenly Father blessed me with at least a half hour a day when they would all go to their room and I could have a little peace or a short nap.

Having said that Tanner and Kate are really good little kids and get a long really well. They are fun to watch. I finally had to give Tanner a time out yesterday, it wasn't fun. I don't like to discipline grandkids. But when you babysit you have to. Today we had one already, but it wasn't as bad as yesterday and he went happily. So moral of the story is what I knew as a mother, do time outs quickly and there will be less of them, don't wait until everything is out of control.

Tanner built this big tower with the cushions. The rest of the day and this morning I haven't been able to sit on the couch. Here they are!!!Hope you enjoyed these as much as I did! Love you all!

PS Tanner is packing for a trip to Disneyland. Which of course isn't happening right now.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

At Lizzie's

Hi everyone. I know almost no one is reading the blogs right now, but for those that are I am at Lizzie's. I finished my last subbing meeting Monday just before I flew out. I was up at 6:00 am and got to Lizzie's after midnight. Crazy huh?!

Tuesday was the first time I took a nap longer than a half hour in years, and still slept that night. I think all the craziness caught up with me. We went to a free kids movie in the morning at the big cool theater. It was fun, I am deprived you know I don't even get to go to the old one at Newport. We then went home and napped. Later Lizzie and I dropped the kids off at Shads office and went out to dinner, then to TJs and Target, great fun for a hick from the sticks.

Today we made the train cupcakes, they turned out soooo cute. I will use these many times with all the grands. Before we decorated:After we decoratedWe then went swimming in the pool, that was great!!
After Shad got home and they started packing, Tanner started getting ready for his trip, he packed a back pack and a suit case. Then got his bike ready and sat his chair on top also. He looked too cute.Kate was around, and Lizzie got way more pics than I did. She went to bed early tonight, she was done for quite early. Lizzie will probably post some pics after she gets back home and rests.

Well, it is late, I am sure the kids will wake up early. Love you all!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Great last few days and busy week!

It has been an interesting crazy week. Monday I went to Lincoln City at 10:15 with Megan, it was interesting meeting a whole new group, with one of my daughters there. I am so much more casual and hyper with my own meeting. It's interesting how reserved I am when I don't know them well. Now that I have done all three meetings at least once, I have realized that the Lincoln city group isn't very close to one another. They sit all spread out, it makes a difference in the energy in the room. Then Meg and I went to lunch at Subway, then on to the Old Navy at the outlet mall. I have decided with the exception of jeans, Old Navy makes me feel overweight, so I don't know if I will shop there again. I will try the Eugene store once more and if it is the same there I will start making my own t-shirts or buy them on sale at the nicer stores.

Tuesday I had all these plans to do church work. I went out to the greenhouse just to water some plants outside and ended up working out there for about 3 or 4 hours. It looks really good. All I have left to do is put my fountain together and a little fine tuning and it will look the way I want! It is so awesome in there. I am excited to be at the point where I will mainly just plant! I haven't seen my little snakes lately. I assume they are still there, but who knows. Maybe they ate all the slugs and now there isn't enough to support 3 snakes.

Wed it was off to Newport then Alsea. The difference in the chemistry in those meetings compared to Lincoln city is like night and day. They are all so kind and like each other so much. I have sure knowledge now that I wouldn't like to work part time or more. One meeting a week is enough for me. I also will never consent to this many meetings for so many weeks in a row. It has literally taken 3 weeks out of my summer. I love Polly, but that is too much to ask. I have relearned though that when you serve someone you really love them more. I feel closer to Polly and she isn't' even here.

Thursday I did my own meeting, when I got home I had all these grand plans to get all packed for our trip the next day. I just couldn't make myself do it. I was tired and tired of not doing anything fun for days. Finally about 11:00 I made myself get up and pack. About 12:30 I finally got in bed, got up at 5;30 stared exercising and then finished the packing. We left about 8:00 and got to Josh's about 6:00pm. He got sealed today to his wife. It was very sweet. Josh had the sweetest look on his face. He was so serious. I think he was thinking about the long road there, and trying to keep himself from crying. He didn't succeed, he started tearing up when he looked at his wife, and when they brought their little baby in, he really started to lose it. It was so sweet and wonderful. We went out to a great restaurant and then came back to the motel. We are leaving tomorrow early. It will feel weird all week w/o church, but that happens sometimes.

Well, love you all!!!