Thursday, October 10, 2013

I am so excited!  My Son-in-Law Clay, Danielle's husband wrote a book!  I loved it!  As I read it I was so amazed at how good it was.  I found myself stopping several times and saying to myself, "that was in his mind?"  It was a page turner and very hard to put down  It is only 2.99 on amazon Kindle.  I have the link below.  Check it out!!  If you love it as much as me, and I know you will! make sure and write a review on Amazon!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Visit From Danielle and Clay and Conference

One night Steve and I were looking outside and there was this incredible moon.  Steve thought I should try to take a pic of it.  This was with my telescopic lens.  it isn't the best shot of  what we saw, but still kind of cool.

Danielle  and Clay are here!  We are having a great time. It was fun to talk to Clay about his book. I thought of some questions I want to ask him tomorrow.  Conference was wonderful as usual. I LOVE conference. I can't imagine living in this world without a prophet and apostles. It brings me so much hope and peace. That is what the Savior said "in Me ye shall have peace". I truly find that during conference. I notice the older I get the more tender my heart is. Tears come more readily.  I love The Lord, He is so kind. No matter what your situation there is always something for everyone to learn. I told Steve I can't wait for it to come out in print. I can stop and ponder it. Love you all!