Saturday, October 22, 2011

She's Here!!!!

Maddison Winegardner is here! She was born October 22,2011 at 5:55pm after 42 hours of labor!!! She weighed 7pounds 11ounces, pretty small for our family. She is 19 inches long and cute as a button as you can see from the pics. She started nursing very shortly after she was born. Amy and Maddy are doing great! As Amy's Midwife put it, "you are a Birthing Warrior"!! She never cried, she handled her contractions amazingly. But after 36 hours of labor that wouldn't progress past 7 centimeters, she said she was ready to go to the hospital and get an epidural and some Pitocin. I will let Amy tell the story, but I repeat she was nothing less than amazing! The pics of Amy are just like she looked no makeup, coming hair or anything. Isn't she beautiful! Here are some pics of Maddy when was under an hour old! With Daddy!
With Mommy
And of course with Grandma!