Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tanner and Kate

I am at Lizzie and Shad's right now. I got here Sept. 1. I spent the first 3 days I was here with the family and then on Friday night they drove to LA so they could fly out early on Sat. So it has been me and the kids since Friday evening. They are so cute and as Lizzie says at a good age. They love to play together and can do it literally for hours. I thought I would easily get my steps in and I seem to get more at home! Go figure!?

We went to the Library for story hour on Tues. It was awesome, I never took advantage of that when my kids were home. I highly recommend it! They read stories, sings songs dance
and then do craftsOf course we checked out books and DVDs
It was great fun!

We swim almost 2 times a day, once in the morning and once in the late afternoon or evening. Kate always says she doesn't want to but loves it once we are in. She doesn't last as long as Tanner, I think he is part fish. It is amazing to watch him. I would take pics but then Kate might drown because she thinks she is an expert swimmer. She's amazing for a 2 year old, but far from an expert.

Art is a big deal in Tanner's life, so there is always art going on at some point in the day, sometimes several times. This doesn't do it justice, but it is the gist of how it is. He is really into filling things in completely, so this obviously is the beginning of one and the finished project of another.They both live in the world of pretend, but Kate is there a lot! This is her reading the scriptures to her dog Stu. Kate has many moods, she can get very silly, but can be very serious it is fun watching the many faces of Kate! Her and Tanner both fell in love with my water bottle! We made cookies as you can tell, and a tractor cake. The cake is on Lizzie's camera, so hopefully I can get that later.Tanner enjoying a very small amount of ice cream on a yummy cone. He loves ice cream, but then who doesn't!Its been a great week so far! I hope I will be able to have the good health and energy to take care of all my grandkids.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Anna's Baptism and Birthday

Last June Anna was baptized, we also celebrated her birthday!

Later that day we had the baptism, I made her Baptism Dress. She actually got Baptized in a jumpsuit, but in Idaho they wear a pretty dress when they get confirmed and then wear it the rest of the year. What is better than twirling!Amy and Mike!
And the Family