Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Speeding Tickets

I am a law abiding citizen. I don't steal, I don't drink, so therefore don't drive drunk, I don't do drugs, I pay my taxes (unlike Obama's cabinet members), I am kind, strive to do my best in this life. So today when I am driving home from Subway, thinking about Amy having surgery, for the first time in years, I was speeding in town. There wasn't a sole in town, it was 8:00pm which in Waldport means the stores are closed, no one is on the streets and there was me and one other car on the road. I realize I am speeding so I slow down, and all of the sudden I see a police car following me at a closer than legal distance I might add, he follows me for a good mile or more too close to my bumper, and finally pulls me over. He appears to be younger than half my kids. Now as a side note, we don't even have police support the majority of the week. If we were to need the police we would literally be up the creek! Anyway this young police officer asks me why I was speeding, I say it was probably because my daughter just got diagnosed with something. He then goes back to his car and is gone so long (by the way I haven't had a ticket in so long I can't remember when it was) I know he is going to give me a ticket. The longer I sit there the madder I get. I am thinking, is this the best use of our police force and my tax dollars! In the city of Springfiield, if you are a drug dealer you might spend one night in jail and then you are free the next day. If you want to kick them out of your apartment you have to jump throught a gillion hoops. But if I go over the speed limit on a deserted street I get pulled over and have to pay 145.00 so this new young cop can get a ticket on his record.

I remember one time about 30 years ago we had some tenants steal a bunch of our furniture, the police basically sad too bad so sad. I am normally not this way. But the longer I sat there thinking about all the real law breaking people that not only don't pay for a ticket, but use my tax dollars for the police to arrest them, feed them, house them for a night and then let them go. To think about Clinton lying to the grand jury and still getting to serve as president of the United States, I got more and more mad. Then that pip squeak of a policeman comes back with my ticket in his hand and tells me how worried he is that I will hurt myself or some other person for my little amount over the speed limit. He is concerned for my welfare. RIGHT!!! he just wanted to collect more money for the govenment to pay for all the stupid things they do with my hard earned money! Well, I know some of you are going to say well you broke the law, and yes I did, but it still ticks me off!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Beautiful Ruby

When Jake and the kids were here, Ruby wanted to be buried as usual. We tried a different way and it made for a fun look. I love having my grandkids here!