Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Relief Society/ Priesthood Manuals

Every time I get out my iPad to study the lesson for the week for RS I never am disappointed or never cease to be amazed at how the same subject can be taught in RS, Sunday School, Primary, every year and I still learn something new.  One day in Primary one of the kids said, "well I have already heard this before".  I then said "but there is always something new to learn if you are looking for it" I have now been reading them long enough that I can't wait to see what "this " prophet has to say about it.  I love it!!  There is always a new quote or new perspective that I hadn't thought of before or heard before.  

The lesson this week is all about the family.  I loved it!  It opened up my mind to things I had never thought of as well confirmed some things I had always believed but couldn't remember if I had heard it before or made it up!  It answered some questions I have been pondering.  I felt like it was one more answer about my fast I had this month. If there was one thing I would love to convert you all to do, it would be to read your manual even if you get to go to RS.  There are things that won't be discussed because of time.  Plus if you have read it you can bring up parts that maybe you want some enlightenment about. I have done that before in RS and Sunday School.  I was curious as to how others interpreted the quote or scripture. Lest you think that I started this when I had no kids at home, I started doing this back when I was teaching young women's  and couldn't go to RS.  You also learn more and so RS and Sunday School become more meaningful.  And it is the words of a Prophet so it counts as Scripture Study!! Okay, I'm done pleading.  :-)

Today has been a good day, haven't crashed in front of the TV yet.  That feels good.  I am going to put up some pics on the wall!  Will instagram them and blog them.  Love you all!


Danielle said...

You are such a good example mom! I am convinced...I am going to try and read it each week. Love you!

Grandma, Nonnie said...

You are such a wonderful example to me and I appreciate all of your incite into all of the principles of the gospel Love you


R.S manual is so wonderful, and i have often thought that the reason I have been called to teach it so many times is bc I need it. they are truly wonderful. I hope that when i get released I continue to read them on my own. i love you