Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Steve and I try to read the scriptures together at breakfast every day. We miss some days but we try.  We always read one conference talk a week, usually on Monday.  I am always amazed at how it is just what I need.  The other day I saw one that I thought we should read, but I felt like I should let Steve choose.  He chose the one I had thought would be good.  It was one I really needed.  After we got done, I shared some concerns I had about somethings in my life with Steve and because of the talk. We had a really good discussion that I really needed.  We wouldn't have had that discussion if it weren't for that talk.

I have been pretty petty, about one of my coworkers, it was a problem.  Sunday at our Stake conference, I got the words I needed to hear!  I love that about the Lord, if you want to do what is right, and put yourself in a place to get the answers He will give them to you!

Hope you are all well!  Love you all!


Lizzie said...

Happy for you about the words you heard at church and your co-worker. I have to remind myself that when I have ill feelings toward someone else, it NEVER makes me happier. EVER. That letting it go is so much more peaceful. Hard to do though. love you!

Megan and Greg said...

Sounds good. I'm glad it got better.

Grandma, Nonnie said...

It is so hard to stay non judgemental, and not get caught up in having ill feelings about someone. We never know what is going on that makes them who they are. I love you so much and am so grateful you are such a spiritual person, and hear when the Lord speaks to you. I love you so much and it is great that you and Steve read the articles in the Ensign. Dad and I have been studing the D&C lately and it has helped us both. Love you sending you a big hug